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Save the Planet, y'all.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Save the Planet, y'all.

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Kanga Organics invites you to visit our blog for your organic beauty updates [13 Aug 2009|02:00am]

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Hi Everyone,

Kanga Organics is a new organic beauty online store in Singapore.  I hope you can support by visiting our blog for more organic updates.  Our website is
www.kangaorganics.com  Just to share a little on the background story of Kanga Organics:

Kanga Organics, a new online store, is launched by a passionate and zealous beauty junkie, Joey Lam. She loves trying out new brands of beauty products, and almost looks forward to whenever her skincare runs out, in order to experience something new.

Then one day, she ran out of brands to switch to. That’s when she started looking into less commercial brands that make ‘No animal testing’ claims on their labels – it made perfect sense to the animal lover. To her surprise, the product range was quite limited. That started her on a research hunt, which led her into the world of organic products.

This field was even more limited – most of the products were too pricey. Determined to hunt down affordable yet authentic organic products, she researched further, and was so excited by what she found, that she decided to start her own organic beauty store -- Kanga Organics was born.

Kanga Organics was created based on the philosophy of sharing the joy of using affordable organics for everyone, and Joey’s belief that this little effort of spreading the word of switching to organic products, however small it may be, is her way of giving thanks to Mother Earth.

Please feel free to bookmark our website or better yet our blog for your organic beauty updates!  Thank you very much.

Joey Lam (Ms.)
Managing Director


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new community [25 Jul 2009|04:52pm]


Hi everyone. I recently started a community that I'll be updating it with environmental news and articles, and I thought you might like to take a look.



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Invitation to pilot a test forum for Ecomotion on Sustainable eating [06 Jun 2009|04:49pm]

Debate on Environmental and Sustainable Eating.

Dear save _the_planet Community

This is an invitation for your online group to take part in testing an environmental community forum found on Ecomotion, which is in its developmental stages.



Sustainable FarmingCollapse )

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COyou2 - Saving the planet one breath at a time [07 Sep 2008|04:57pm]

This site looks interesting, it's talking about personal carbon capture and storage as a strategy to prevent climate change:

"Did you know that human beings themselves are major emitters of carbon dioxide? We all know about reducing our electricity consumption and taking fewer flights, but isn’t all this a little pointless when one basic, everyday activity cancels it all out?

Each day every human being breathes out an average of 1 kg of CO2. That’s 0.38 tonnes a year. Now multiply that by 6.7 billion! That’s a lot of CO2.

COyou2 person carbon capture systems allow you to store that CO2 and do your bit to stop climate change. The COyou2 patented technology works by filtering the air you breathe out, capturing the carbon in a convenient lightweight backpack.

That’s why we all need to use personal carbon capture systems. At the end of the day, there are 21 million of us and only one government – so what are you waiting for?"

I've just ordered a catalogue, it's definitely worth checking out, after all, every little thing makes a difference. I never thought about human beings as being responsible for major carbon emissions, but I'm always looking for ways to lessen my carbon footprint.

What do you guys think?

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the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability [20 Apr 2008|04:02pm]


Hi everyone, we're trying to exchange information and help take action on various environmental issues, there are some interesting and informative articles in our blog and just thought some of you might wish to check out what we do and share your thoughts and information with us,

Best wishes from the Cfis

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A Petition for a Greener Future! [16 Apr 2008|01:33pm]

Hiya everyone, I thought the UK residents amongst us would be interested in this petition lodged with parliament, I've been trying to encourage others to sign as I think it's worth supporting. It asks that public companies use post-consumer recycled paper instead of paper from trees
It can be found here:
hope this takes your interest, the full text is as follows:
Adopting a policy whereby all paper used by public companies is post-consumer recycled paper from British sources would: 1) Create an untold number of jobs domestically in the recycling industry. 2) At little inconvenience make a huge leap towards the enironmental sustainability of our county. 3) Be a milestone that made headlines, paving the way for other nations to follow. 4) Set a good example for children in schools, public sector employees, private corporations and other nations. 5) Protect our fragile environment and wildlife, as well as yielding many other benefits.
The current system of take/make/throw away is doing the world little good, destroying the life of humans and animals alike. Cutting down trees to make paper when there are better alternatives results in a reduction in the quality of our air. Sustainable forrests dry the land, robbing it of resources and preventing it from sustaining life therefore they are not an apt solution, neither are many of the recycling processes which use bleach or chlorine, and so it is post-consumer recycled paper (preferably from British sources) which is prescribed to deal with this problem.
If you know any  other people who might be interested you can always forward the link along,
Cheers! :-)

(You can find the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability organisation, who started the petition at www.myspace.com/cfisuk)

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Click to save the big cats! [12 Dec 2007|12:53pm]


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Future Network News [22 Nov 2007|03:36am]

For those of you with an interest in international politics, futurism, the environment, genetic modification, Peak oil, climate change, etc please watch my new webcast show

FNN - Future Network News

leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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[23 Oct 2007|02:12pm]

Right everyone,

Let's tell the fools at the EU that maybe speed limits and reduced road transport (among other things) are the answer to global warming, NOT biofuels.

Please ask EU Ministers to oppose a new Directive which will further boost the demand for agrofuels

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[18 Oct 2007|01:02pm]

On Tuesday, 23rd October, MPs in the Standing Committee will be debating the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) Order and there is likely to be a vote in the House of Commons shortly afterwards. The RTFO will make blending of biofuels mandatory in the UK from April 2008. All car drivers will be forced to buy biofuels, including those linked to rainforest destruction, human rights abuses, displacement of rural communities and very high greenhouse gas emissions.

UK peeps only, I'm afraid: What you can doCollapse )

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[16 Oct 2007|02:54pm]

Hey everyone,

The idea behind this email action is to make sure that carbon rainforest protection payments actually do what they are supposed to do: protect rainforests, not destroy them!

Action Alert: Protest Failed World Bank Congo Rainforest Policy and Proposed Ill-Conceived Forest Carbon Payments

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[01 Oct 2007|06:01pm]

FORESTS/CLIMATE ALERT UPDATE: Final Push Needed as Australia's Final Decision on Horrendous Tasmanian Pulp Mill Expected Soon‏

Please register your opposition to the proposed Tasmanian pulp mill as it is widely reported that a final decision is imminent

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[24 Sep 2007|03:43pm]

Action on agrofuels

Recently, politicians in Europe have jumped on the idea that making fuel from plants could be a solution to climate change. But Europe’s increased demand for these agrofuels (also called biofuels) is likely to have devastating impacts on the developing countries which produce them.

Rainforests will be destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations and the poor will suffer as global food prices rise. Even in Europe, food is already getting more expensive and farming will need to become more intensive as agricultural land is taken up growing agrofuels.

The European Union’s policies are even accelerating these trends. An EU decision that 10% of all transport fuels must be produced from agrofuels by the year 2020 is driving investment into the agrofuels sector.

Click here to write to your MEP and tell them to put a break on agrofuels!

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[22 Sep 2007|01:17pm]

Action Alert: Climate Protection Payments Must Avoid Deforestation of Ancient Rainforests AND Their Industrial Diminishment

Ancient rainforests will only fully hold their carbon when strictly protected.
Selective logging diminishes primary and old-growth forests' carbon stores, ecosystems, and biodiversity; and has no place in proposed carbon market payments for rainforest and climate protection.

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[17 Sep 2007|10:09pm]

Action Alert: Save the Amazon’s Madeira River!

Sign the Friends of the Earth petition: amazonian dam project threatens bolivian biodiversity

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[02 Sep 2007|10:58pm]

Action Alert: Protest Destruction of Colombian Rainforests and Livelihoods to Feed Automobiles

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[26 Aug 2007|11:20am]

Action Alert: Protest Australia's Ancient Forest Logging and Climate Change Eco-Hypocrisy

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[18 Aug 2007|04:29pm]

Action Alert: Tell Jet Setting Environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio that he must change his ways

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[14 Aug 2007|09:52am]

CLICK HERE to Stop Ocean City, New Jersey from Using Ancient Rainforest Timbers for Boardwalk Decking

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[08 Aug 2007|01:18pm]

Please tell the EU:Don’t sacrifice our birds and insects for agrofuel expansion

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